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Three Piece Body Ball Valve
Author:datianvalve Pubdate:2009-11-07
Place of origin: China
Brand: datianvalve
FOB Price: 0.00

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  Product Introduction

.Optional Lockable Handle Lever
.Blow-Out Proof Stem
.Fire Safe Design to API 6FA
.Available in Both Floating/Trunnion Ball
.Flanged (RB, F.P) Ends to ANSI B16.5
.Face to Face Dimension to ANSI B16.10
.Pre-temp. Rating to ASME B16.34
.Wall Thickness to ASME B16.34
.Size Ranges: 2 ~42”
.Inspect & Test: API 6D / API598
.Valve Marking: MSS- SP-25
.To MR-01-75 On Request
.Three Piece Body Design
.Manufacture in Forged and Casting Materials: WCB, A105, SS304, SS316 & Duplex etc. Other Materials available upon Request
.Various Trim and Seat (Resilient and Metal) Materials available To Suit Different Service Condtions
.Pressure Rating: CL150, CL300, CL600, CL900, CL1500, CL2500

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