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computerized flat knitting machine
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computerized flat knitting machine
Author:shuangyu Pubdate:2010-04-06
Place of origin: Zhejiang, China
Port: ningbo
Model: SY52-2S
Brand: shangyu
FOB Price: 0.00

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  Product Introduction

Detailed Product Description

we produce computerized flat knitting machines since 2006 year. 
our machines are used for weaving woolen sweater.  

Specification of Computerized flat knitting machine



Needle bed


The steel needles are inserted on the bed. Replaceable segment can be available when broken down.

Knitting width

Variable stroke. Max 52 (132mm)


3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14/per inch

Knitting speed

Knitting speed varies according to gauge and knitting condition. Max.1.2m/sec., 24 speed selection programmable command control.

Knitting system

One carriage with double system setup

Knitting cam

Composite design, use three ways technology. Each system can perform loop + doubling stitch +not knitting at the same time.

Transfer cam

Compound knitting cam system, each system can transfer from the front to rear, rear to front or both front and rear simultaneously without direction restriction. Auto racking and auto receive.

Stitch cam

Each system setting is controlled by a step motor. It has 24 stitches of independent selections and each of them ranges from 00-365 steps for knitting pattern.

Needle selection

Each system has 4 sets special solenoids. Double cam system equipped totally 8 sets solenoids, which can be installed or removed simply from the carriage and maintained easily.

Yarn carriers

2*8 sets yarn carriers on 4 double side rails, switchable in any area within the knitting width. Also can be equipped with special design yarn carrier for intarsia pattern (optional device)

Movable sinker

This system composed by two additional pieces of sinker needle bed. The sinker presser degree adjustable the positions by knitting program command.

Racking system

Servo motor control, the programmable racking position within 2 inches, each also having 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 micro adjustable positions.

Main take down roller

24 levels changeable tensions, adjustable automatically on each level.

Sub take down roller

24 levels changeable tensions, adjustable automatically on each level. Automatically open and close.

Carriage drive system

AC servo motor, tooth shape dricing belt, no oil needed. 24 speed selection and freely programmable.

Stop motion

Yarn breaking, knot, press off, needle break, over current, roll back, wrong racking, inappropriate position of presser, excessive yarn, and reaching on production target offer automatic stop.


Built-in controller. Data input by hand or USB memory disc. Stored program for flat knitting machine.

Memory capacity

1024X4096 hung memory for the width and pattern length design.

Data input

USB memory interface

Language display

CTR indication English and Chinese are standard version. Supplement with other languages (optional software)

Power supply

3 phase AC 220V 1.2KVA

Dimension & Weight

Length *width*height: 290*90*200 CM

net weight: 1400kgs

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computerized flat knitting machine
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