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Truck Crane QY30K5
Truck Crane
Truck crane QY25K5
Truck crane
Truck crane QY25K
Truck crane
Truck crane QY20B
Truck crane
Truck crane QY16D
Truck crane
Truck crane QY12
Truck crane
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Truck Crane QY30K5
Author:truckcrane Pubdate:2009-12-25 Click:
QY30K5 Truck Crane
◆Five-section octagonal all-round telescopic boom has strong lifting capacity,and crane each technical index is advance in domestic industry.
◆Self-made special truck crane chassis with strong power engine of environmental protection greatly inproved overall travel performance.
◆Various operation modes such as fully/half outrigger and single top,etc.extend the use of crane of crane operation.
◆High work efficiency.The main winch uses dual varialbe displacement system to realize low speed for heavy duty and high speed for light duty,energy saving and high efficiency,and quick elevating and telescoping mechanisms improve work efficiency.
◆Whole machine appearance is harmony and smooth,beautiful and fine,unification of upper and lower,and both practical and good looking.

Truck crane QY25K5
Author:truckcrane Pubdate:2009-12-25 Click:
◆Swing system with free-sliding function can automatic align to load, offset pinion makes meshing clearance easy to adjust, less impact and smooth operation.
◆First introduced the concept of 25t class with 5 boom sections, main boom length 38.5m and jib length 8.3m, and the lifting height for boom and jib is at the advanced level of international same type of cranes.
◆Main load-bearing structural parts are made of high strength steel. Application of octagonal boom profile and reasonable setting of half or fully extended boom section contribute the crane powerful load lifting capacity.
◆Environmental, energy-saving and powerful engine offers strong drive for the crane carrier and improves travel performance for the whole machine.
◆Well-equipped with perfect safety devices such as load moment limiter (LML), hoist limit switch, rope-end limiter, safety control valve, hydraulic pressure protection valve, anti- cavitations and anti-blocking device, etc, make operation more reliable.

Truck crane QY25K
Author:truckcrane Pubdate:2009-12-25 Click:
◆New materials are used to minimize the vehicle total weight and maximize the whole vehicle performances. Main performances are in the leading position in the industry.
◆Main and auxiliary winches are independent each other, work not only individually but also simultaneously.
◆Full-width driver's cab with wide vision is convenient for operation.
◆Swing system with free-sliding function automatically align to load. Pinion offset makes meshing clearance easy to adjust.

Truck crane QY20B
Author:truckcrane Pubdate:2009-12-25 Click:
◆Well-equipped safety devices such as automatic load moment limiter, overload and over-winding cutout device, etc., greatly improved safety in operation.
◆Two cabs designed ergonomically conform to ISO standard, equipped with fan, heater or optional air conditioner. Driver's cab is left-side semi-mounted,equipped with LCD monitor for display of various crane configuration and operation.
◆Main and auxiliary winch can obtain low speed with heavy load or high speed with light load,improved work efficiency.
◆QY20B Truck Crane uses self-made truck crane special chassis, with covered decking plate,and powerful chassis engine.

Truck crane QY16D
Author:truckcrane Pubdate:2009-12-25 Click:
◆Well-equipped safety devices, such as automatic moment limiter, hoist height limiter and working radius indicator. Illuminators facility operation at night.
◆Newly designed operator's cab is spacious, comfortable and wide vision.
◆Air circuit with a dryer improves its reliability greatly.
◆QY16D Truck Crane adopts self-made truck crane chassis with Shanghai D6114 engine or Hangzhou WD415.21 engine.

Truck crane QY12
Author:truckcrane Pubdate:2009-12-25 Click:
◆The whole vehicle conforms to 48 standards of China National Compulsory Inspection. Width indicator lamps are installed at the front, middle and rear. Side protection fenders are fitted for the vehicle.
◆Well-equipped safety devices such as relief valve, hydraulic lock, hoist limit switch, working radius indicator and stabilizer.
◆Double H-shaped outriggers operated from both sides of the chassis are used for support and leveling of the vehicle.
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