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Intellectual pre-installed transforming station
Author:jytb Pubdate:2009-10-02
Place of origin: China
Brand: jytb
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  Product Introduction


  The main component of case transforming station: transformer, high voltage electrics, low voltage electrics are lined in different ways to construct a sound power supply and distribution system. Safe performance, tight structure, small size, short period, easy operation and maintenance as well as low comprehensive cost, especially the structure design is of the initiated one China and are suitable for the power supply of street lamp, airport, expressway, subway and construction field as well as all kinds of mines.

Structure features:

  1)The high/low voltage circuits are separated by steel plate, the high voltage, Low voltage(including calculating and no-load compensation) and the transformer are independent yet construct the whole of the case-shared transforming station. It features compact design, small size, light weight and low loss. Take the 500kVA capacity one for instance, see the size in picture 2, the bottom size is just 2.6 sq.m. the weight is 2.6tons.

  2)The transformer adopts S11 series design which is the first integrated one in China. The transformer are exposed in air, good for natural radiation and can be shunted with high/low voltage pipe, tapping changing switch, oil indication, pressure release valve, etc. on a same side plate with the connection a bolt to construct the whole set of the case transforming station.

  3)ZGS series case transforming station are of case-shared shape in which the transformer and high/low voltage equipment are tightly connected and can be separated from the high/low voltage equipment, easy for maintenance.

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