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  Zhejiang China Valve Co., Ltd. is located in the large "Chinese Hometown of Pump and Valve" - Oubei Town, is a professional production of various specifications of the valve manufacturers, the company strong technical force, advanced equipment, integration of large-scale production, structure is more reasonable and better cost performance.

  Has pioneered the introduction of ISO9001 international quality system certification, the establishment of a modern management mode, the product from raw material to finished product storage all in the process of every aspect of API6D are strictly in accordance with American Petroleum Institute standard, ISO9001 quality system to organize production and management. At home and abroad of new technologies, new processes, new ideas, great sound quality guarantee system and after-sales service quality. The main products include high-temperature high-voltage station valves, tap valve, water valves, vacuum valves, hydraulic pressure test plug valve, check valve and air emission, American Standard valve, high low pressure valves, butterfly valves and new large-scale ball valve, hydraulic such as control valves, the product of mechanical and electrical products by the Testing Center of Zhejiang Province and General Machinery Products accreditation testing is widely used in the truth, power systems, pharmaceutical, food, oil, natural gas, iron and steel, municipal engineering,environmental protection and other industries and are exported to Pakistan , Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries, well received by users.

  At present, the company has well more than 190 gold processing equipment to Taiwan, high-precision numerical control equipment 15, from Germany, the rapid introduction of optical spectrum analyzer, such as flaw detectors class several physical and chemical testing equipment (sets) and advanced CAD, CAM Computer aided design, processing, manufacturing systems.

  Ministry of Electric Power Corporation has become a national member units of parts supply network, the State Power Department of Beijing Heng An Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. manufacturers of fixed-point, Daqing Oil Field, Xinjiang Oilfield supply unit market access, China Chemical Equipment Association, China's energy on the 1st Ishida Network members, Zhejiang Province, "observe contracts and keep promise" unit and so on. Consistently by all companies to meet the user's operating philosophy, continuous effort and national economic development, adhere to the "credibility first, customer first" principle of service to a more realistic and pragmatic spirit,in order to provide customers better products and more perfect after-sales service.

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