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  Production area is 9990 ㎡. One of more than 100 employees in senior and intermediate-level engineering and technical personnel more than 20 people; owned types of large and medium-sized production equipment more than 50 Units, as well as inspection equipment.

  Product quality has been awarded National exemption certificate, through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management body GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety management system, pressure piping components manufacturer (AZ) permit, CE, such as certificates and through the measuring system and the standardization of the level 3 certification.

  Companies to follow "for all users, all from the innovative" business philosophy, flattery "people-oriented, mutual interdependence" humanistic philosophy, to serve the broad masses of customers at home and abroad.

  Zhejiang Ka er sen zfluid manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located has a "Chinese Hometown of Pump and Valve" was Oubei Sanqiao Industrial Park. Valves are public Group holding company. Company sets the design, development, production, sale, as one professional manufacturer of valves. Main Products has specialized in the production valve, the valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve and hydraulic control valve series.

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