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 Our company has passed the certification of ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System by reliable quality, advanced technique, long quality-guarantee period, and favorable after sale service. And we have won the honorable titles awarded by Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau, such as “Excellent Product Quality Cup”, “Quality-reliable and credit-favorable Unit”, and “Keystone Unit of High-quality Well-known Goods in Zhengzhou Market”.

 Our company specializes in the manufacture of transformers and is the appointed manufacturer of electric power units for the projects to upgrade the urban and rural power grids by the state. Our leading products are divided into such series: power transformers: S9 series power transformers, S11 series power transformers, ZGS11 series combination substation transformers, and ZBW series prefabricated substation (European type); special transformers: furnace transformer, convertor transformer, mining transformer, rectifier transformer, IFT, transformer used for stud welding, and reactor; miniature dry-type transformers used for control and lighting: C type, E type, R type, and O type transformers; and various non-standard transformers.

 The Board Chairman and all the staff welcome both old and new friends to visit our company.

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