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  Adhering to the policy of “Quality First, Service Ultimate, Integrity Rooted”, we provide highly qualified and wholesome service to users. Our company provides satisfying products to the widespread users with good quality, low price and excellent service.

 Zhengzhou Jinyuan Special Transformer Electrics Co., Ltd. is a non-governmental stock-holding enterprise located in the prosperous Chengguan Industrial Zone, Xinmi City, where is 40 km southwest of Zhengzhou City. The company is specialized in the manufacture, installation and test of transformers. The company employed 130 personnel including 37 technicians and 4 senior engineers, with 2 million yuan of registered capital, 800,000 kVA of transformer production capacity and 50 million yuan of annual production value. Since its establishment, the company keeps developing drastically owing to its excellent technology and advanced management experiences. Particularly since 2004, the company invested 6 million yuan for reconstruction, which achieved production capacity of 35 KV transformers. The company is equipped with complete inspection facilities, installation facilities, 40-ton crane, automatic transformation vacuum dry jar, etc. These greatly improved the products market competition.

 The major products are 35 kV-level, maximum 20,000 kVA main transformers, S9, S11-M series of low-consumption power transformers, composite transformers, special smelt transformers, commutation transformers and dry-type transformers, etc.
With complete aptitudes, advanced and reasonable product structure, stable and reliable quality, short delivery term, considerate after-sale service, the company products obtained many good comments and trust from power departments and widespread users. The company has passed the attestation of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System and A-level credit and awarded the title of “Enterprise with Stable Quality and Credit Keeping in China” by China Light Products Guarantee Center. The products were honored with the award of “China Excellent Product” by China Enterprise Union Acceleration Association, “Standard Product of Successive Inspection of the State”, and “Top 10 Well-known Transformers of China” by China Market Brand Management Association. At the beginning of 2006 the company was tested as the Approved Unit in the random inspection of the State Quality Inspection and Supervision Center for Transformers.

Sales Department:0371-69893615 13838287070

Account Num.:025401040016777
Bank account:Xinmi Office, Agriculture Bank of China
Add:Zhengzhou Xinmi Old City Back Street

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