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  Ou is a new quality of life. Ou abide by the new "market for quality, innovation and development," the quality policy, the establishment of a sound quality management system.
  Ou new attention to detail, the pursuit of perfect, perfect the details can be molded perfect bearings.
  Ou know that only by constantly new technological innovation, technological innovation can ensure the development of enterprises; only continue the development of products to meet the needs of users, enterprises only hope of success. Therefore, the new Ou years unswervingly follow the same industry absorb advanced technology and integration of independent development of roads, to increase the technological content of products, quality of the new Ou become the leader in the industry.
  Shanghai XINOu Bearing Co., Ltd. is a collection research and development, manufacturing, sales services in one of the enterprises. The main thrust plane to the ball bearings, thrust plane needle roller bearings, high-quality, high-precision deep groove ball bearings, General Motors bearing, thrust washers, gaskets and non-standard bearings, and other fields of development and production.
  Enterprises in 1999 in 2000 in Cixi in Ningbo, Zhejiang Xinchang set up two production bases, XUDB brand with an annual output of more than 12 million sets of bearings, the products are widely used in motors, washing machines booster pump, massage chairs, automobiles, electrical appliances, electrical Tools, pumps, machinery equipment. Products sell well in Europe, the United States, Japan, the Middle East and other countries in the world, respected by the customer.
  I have no people, I have the people, the people I new, New I-heng, a new Ou eternal purpose.
Shanghai XINOu Bearing Co., Ltd., will continue to be a good product quality and credibility to win the trust of more users.

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